Yemeni Republican Federal Party

Founding Statement of the Yemeni Federal Republican Party

Dear Children of the great Yemeni people,

Yemenis inside and outside of the country

Yemen is facing a serious historical turning point that threatens its national identity, republic and unity. It is also facing an  ethnic,  racial  Hashemite  discrimination  in  positions,  employment  hierarchy  of  jobs  and  even  in  sharing  the  national  wealth  of the northern  part  of  our  beloved country in violation of all international conventions.  Yemen is facing local and regional conspiracy that seeks to divide its geography, islands, waterways, and resources to be occupied through regional, partisan militias in the south. And the consequences of the hawkish coup of September 21, 2014 on the outputs of the National Dialogue and its national project for the federal state, which was unanimously agreed upon by the majority of political and national forces.

In light of the complete inability of the rival political forces that have abandoned Yemen  to external  forces  while  the Arab  coalition  has  targeted the institutions of the country and its sovereignty, and the threat of the political Islamism which made Yemen an exile for a regional liquidation that led to the worst tragic humanitarian and environmental disaster that the world has never seen in a country that has the richest components of renaissance in the south of the Arabian peninsula.

In this day of the anniversary of the Revolution of September 26th which is the day of the birth of the glorious Republic, and with a sense of national and historical responsibility, and in defense of the right of the Yemeni people who are still patient while their lives, dignity, security and land have been confiscated, and to strengthen the political role in supporting  the restoration of the state and ending the coup, which calls on the legitimate authority to return to Yemen in order to rebuild the state institutions and extend its powers over the entire Yemen and to lift the country from  the  deteriorating  economic,  security  and  social  conditions,  the  Founding  Assembly announces the establishment of the (YEMENI FEDERAL REPUBLICAN PARTY) along with national elite figures representing all the components of Yemeni society inside and outside and from all regions and provinces in Yemen. The Yemeni Federal Republic Party (YFRP) is an umbrella organization for all Yemenis that has been established as an urgent call to participate in saving and building our country. 

The Yemeni Federal Republican Party is a federal Yemeni political party that believes in democracy and the peaceful transfer of power and practices political work within the framework of the constitution of the Republic of Yemen and the enforced law.

The party builds on the following references:

The goals of the glorious revolutions of September 26 and October 14.

Yemeni Unity, May 22, 1990

Outputs of the National Dialogue

Values of the Progressive National Movement

International human rights declaration and the international charters. 

The party aims to: 

  1. Liberate Yemen from all manifestations of the transitional, partisan and regional militias, and the restoration of the Yemeni state.
  2. Maintain the national principles of the republican system, democracy and Yemeni unity
  3. Contribute to  the  referendum  on  the  constitution  and  the  holding  of  presidential  and parliamentary elections.  
  4. Apply the multi-regional system and holding local elections.
  5. Actively participate  in  the  reconstruction  of  the  armed  forces  on  national  bases  and professional standards. 6. End the war, and establish social peace and reinforce the culture of coexistence and peaceful transfer of power in accordance with democratic frameworks.


The party also believes in 10 basic principles crucial for establishing the modern Yemeni federal republic. These principles are as follows: 


  1. National identity: The party believes that the Yemeni state is a federal republic with a legal Yemeni entity that cannot be coated with a particular religious character and it is based on its historical and cultural heritage. The state is the homeland for all religions, doctrines, races, cultures and regions without any discrimination.
  2. Civil State: The party believes that the Yemeni state is a state of social justice, freedoms, equality, global peace, equal opportunity and services, taking into account the most needy and disadvantaged.
  3. National Unity: The party believes that the Yemeni state is an indivisible sovereign political and geographical union, with diverse economic, cultural, social and ideological regions.
  4. Rule of law: The party believes that the constitution of the state of Yemen is the only source of equality for all citizens through a just and independent judiciary along with the principle of separation of powers, participation in decision-making and transparency of legal proceedings.
  5. Democracy: The party believes in the principle of the freedom to establish and belong to political parties or alliances for the peaceful transfer of power.
  6. Combating corruption: The Party believes in the sanctity of state resources, the fight against administrative, financial and political corruption through the establishment of the principles and values of political and administrative ethics in accordance with the standards of integrity, the strengthening of monitoring, inspection, anti-corruption, and the protection of the national security and interests of the state.
  7. Free education: The Party believes that there is no renaissance except through development and no development except through education. Education and scientific research is the best way to solve problems. The party also considers students and teachers the highest standing in the Yemeni state and its priorities. The Yemeni Federal Republican Party stresses on the need for free education and literacy for all Yemenis without discrimination.
  8. Yemeni Development: The party believes that the rise of the state comes from the competitive management of its regions, the sustainable development of the state’s human, environmental and scientific capabilities, the capabilities of women and youth leadership, and innovation and scientific research as well as strengthening the position of Yemen’s regional interests through national and foreign investment.
  9. Confederation: The party believes that the Yemeni state is an integral part of the Arab Confederation, which preserves all regions’ sovereignty and faith in order to achieve a comprehensive development.
  10. World Peace: The party believes in respecting international conventions, treaties and conventions signed with Yemen, and fighting all forms of extremism and terrorism, and establishing human rights principles.


We extend to the masses of our great people our warmest congratulations and blessings on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the eternal September 26 Revolution and the 57th anniversary of the eternal October 14 Revolution.

We invite you to join the Yemeni Federal Republican Party.

The world will never see any guardian on my land.

Issued by the founding authority of the Yemeni Federal Republican Party

Saturday, September 26, 2020.